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IMKH Radio Ep. #1

Well here we go. Episode #1 of IMKH Radio. It basically sucks. It’s me rambling on with no point about my winter break. It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about playing with the podcast software. The only cool thing is the commercial I made for it. I think it’s funny.

The sound is terrible. Hopefully that’ll be rectified thanks to my buddy Ryan who recommended a mic which is on the way. I’m not promising the content will be any better in the future.

Also, it’s in m4a format. If that doesn’t work for you, download the mp3 version. The problem is the mp3 version is THREE times as big. Obviously I don’t know what I’m doing. Probably my settings in GarageBand. I’ll get it figured out in the future.

Show notes:

-First song is Autumn in New York by Harry Connick Jr.
-Second song is New York State of Mind by Billy Joel
-Third song is Light Enough To Travel by The Be Good Tanyas

IMKH Radio Ep. #1 (m4a – 3.2 MB)


IMKH Radio Ep. #1 (mp3 – 9.4MB)


iLife ’06 has got some really cool things to play with. I’m playing with the podcast studio in GarageBand. I hope to finish up a trial podcast/radio-type-thingy this weekend, but I’m traveling a lot so I don’t know. It won’t be very good or amusing but I’m still learning and thinking of amusing things to do. The built in microphone on my powerbook is the pits so I ordered one. But I’m going to go ahead and publish the first segment? installment? before it comes in. It’ll just have crappy sound.

A couple weeks ago I won my first ever pro disc golf tournament. Weird considering I suck and don’t play much or practice at all. There weren’t any “good” pros there anyway. But still, a win is a win. I’m playing in another event tomorrow at Tishomingo State Park. It’s become tradition for my buddy Jeff, his wife and me and M to rent cabin #6. Jeff is a good cook from New Orleans and he will cook red beans and rice (oh so yummy) and M will make dessert. We drink beer and play Balderdash. Everytime a new phrase or saying from the game is created and we laugh about it all night. Good times.

Oh, I finally pulled the “Hey stop here” cord on the fat train. It’ll take some time for me to get off it completely but I am putting forth a concerted effort. I’ll be back to my summer slimness (and pants) in no time.

I’m RSVPing: yes

Money!I apologize for not posting sooner. Since I’ve been back from my holiday break (yay for state government workers’ holidays) I’ve been busy. Not that being here for you isn’t important because it might be.

What have I been busy doing you ask?

I’m doing a piece of hip-hop theatre for the Mississippi Theatre Association festival. It’s called My Say and it was written by MJ Etua. It’s pretty cool but we have far too many white people with no ghetto doing it. My biggest part in the show is coming out of the closet to my best friend and revealing my love for him. And he doesn’t receive the news very gracefully. It’s an in-your-face, audience interaction thing and I think it’ll be fun. It’s tonight in the lab theatre in McComas Hall probably around 8:00ish.

After that I think we’re going to do some improv for the kids. This next semester is going to be good for the improv comedy troupe, I think. We’ve got a new organizational structure and the new leaders are ready to roll. I’m looking forward to it and I think the first show will be soon after the semester starts. I’ll keep you updated.

I’ll try and post something worth reading in the near future. I’m hoping to make some more videos and with iLife ’06 I might be doing some podcasting or other such coolness. It’ll be arriving next week.

I’m thinking about moving/integrating the blog with a complete website at a new URL. We’ll see. Sounds like a lot of work. I should grab before some other karyhead does. Uh huh.