Monthly Archives: September 2007

Did I mention I’m playing vegetarian this week?

I say playing because I don’t think I’ll continue after Sunday at midnight.

I’ve been making noises for months about giving vegetarianism a 30 day trial run. I find that I can’t eat too much meat or I want to gag (let the gay jokes commence). Mass meat-based diets like Atkins don’t work for me because I can’t sustain it beyond a few days.

My big meat based favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza and anything fried. So you can see that if I cut out the meat foods I eat a lot it would go a long way to cleaning up my diet.

I enjoy fruits and vegetables, I just don’t eat them as much as I should. I love the interesting dishes found in the vegetarian line at the cafeteria. So I figured I should give the vegetarian thing a shot and see what it’s like.

But I never did. Too much hassle. Would require planning and forethought. i.e. Effort.


So it ends tomorrow night at midnight. I never really planned very well and found yummy sounding recipes to try out. I just grabbed pasta and salads and fruit and cheese pizza on the go. There really haven’t been any meat cravings until dinner tonight. I really wanted a sandwich. I LOVE sandwiches and most good sandwiches tht I know about have meat in the middle. But I ate some VeggieLovers pizza from Pizza Hut instead.

I’ll post a my follow up video next week.