Milady Rogers, 1998 – 2010


I haven’t had to deal with a pet’s death in a very long time. Unfortunately, tonight I was reminded of what it’s like to lose a pet that has been a part of your everyday life for over a decade.

Technically she was my step cat as M already had her when we got married, but I loved her as if she were my own little Yoda-faced cat. Milady was very sweet. She had a very high tolerance for inconvenience. Exhibit A:

Milady Ho Ho Ho

She purred until she was at death’s door and then I held M’s hand as Milady gasped her last.

One wonders in the immediate emotion aftermath if having pets is worth the pain of the inevitable, but once the tears are wiped away there are too many cherished memories and laughs remembered to avoid a natural part of life that we must all face.


RIP Milady. We’ll miss you.

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