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Improv show Friday night

I shoulda posted this earlier, but I didn’t. So now I am.

RWS is going classical. Well, I mean, it’s a classic-style show. In the lab. Improv. Sketch. Just straight up funny.

Friday night, March 31st in the lab theatre in McComas hall at 7:00pm and 10:00pm. I’m in the 7:00pm show but you should come to both. Admission is $5 for one show or $8 for both.

Don’t miss it or I’ll beat you with a plastic straw.

Hey Hey Hey

fatalbertWhat’s going on with you peeps? Just wanted to drop a note and say that I’m thinking of you. I know I haven’t been around as much as you would like. Or as much as I would like for that matter. Yeah, it’s been busy, but who isn’t busy? When I find free time to play, I’m generally working on the site: playing with plugins and whatnot instead on putting up new content.

My sincerest apologies.

I do have an interview scheduled this weekend with James Comans from the MSU improv comedy troupe. Hopefully I’ll get that edited and posted next week.

My last post about SANDWICHES, I really wanted to write a funny poem but alas, I suck at rhyming.

Ummm, let’s see. I was incredibly productive at work today. No, really. I have let my email inbox languish for about two years. I delete a lot of stuff, but I let a ton of stuff sit and get moldy. I don’t know how many messages I had, I’m pretty sure it was over 3000. Well, I bit the bullet today and cleared it all out. I saved some and deleted a WHOLE lot. Inspiration goes to inboxzero and 43folders.

So tomorrow, is improv practice, Smoke on the Mountain (SotM) rehearsal and sleep.

Friday is improv practice, SotM rehearsal, then I’m gonna try and make a wine and cheese event over at Laura’s.

Saturday is SotM rehearsal and that evening I’ll try and make the MSU choir and Tupelo Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Carmina Burana in Tupelo. If anybody wants to take a road trip to Tupelo Saturday for maybe dinner and the concert, holla back.

This space. I’m looking at an avatar plugin for comments so’s you can have a pic next to your comment (not that there’s been many THOSE of late). The two options are grabbing your favicon from your URL (if you include your URL when you leave a comment) or using gravatar. I really like the gravatar (globally recognized avatar) option. The problem is after you upload an avatar, they have to rate it (using a MPAA style system) before it can be used and they are pretty slow about rating your avatar. It took about a week for mine to get rated. Then any site or forum on the internet that is gravatar compatible can pull your avatar. It is keyed on your email address, so you’d have to include your email address in the appropiate field when you leave a comment.

I’ve rambled on enough for now. I’ll check you later.



What’s the first thing I learned to fix myself to eat when I was hungry and mom wasn’t around?


But, the second thing was SANDWICHES.

I probably learned how to make a PB&J first, which is strange because making a PBJ is harder than making, say, a ham SANDWICH. I’d do my best to smear PB on one slice and some J on the other one, slap them together and enjoy. With a glass of milk, of course. It wasn’t until years later when I would use the advanced technique that my mom used: mixing them in a bowl first. Try it, it’s smooth and yummy.

White, wheat, pita, tomato basil, rye, hoagie, french, styrofoam, DVDs. Doesn’t matter. Take two pieces of any bread, put something edible in between them and BAM! (thanks Emeril, not the book store) a party in your mouth.

Lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles, cheese, woodchips, fingernails. Doesn’t matter. Dressings are the icing on top. (mmmmm icing SANDWICHES) You don’t have to have ’em, but they make a decent SANDWICH great. Mayonaise and bread are the perfect compliment. I think I could eat mayonaise SANDWICHES. I also like mayonaise and banana SANDWICHES.

Ham, PB&J, banana, pimento cheese, tuna, cow tongue, babies. Doesn’t matter. They’re all good. I mean, SANDWICHES are the perfect food. Whatever you can find around the house, you can make a SANDWICH out of it. The SANDWICH is the delicious garbage disposal of leftovers.

So you had a nice roast and potatoes dinner. Yum. But you know what I look forward to the most? Lunch the next day. Roast beef poboys (a subclass of SANDWICH). Oh yeah. Looove it.

The point is, I would eat a SANDWICH everyday and never get tired of it. Why? Because the possibilities are endless. Heck, Waffle House has 844,739 ways of eating a hamburger (another subclass of SANDWICH). Should I sing the song?

What’re your favorite SANDWICHES? I love ’em all. Well, except olive spread or olive loaf. What the crap is that?

Turns out

That the Blogger authentication wouldn’t be terribly useful unless I had people from Blogger who were contributers and this was more of a community based site. But it ain’t. It’s my personal site. So I wrote a bit of code, know how to do php XML-RPC to Blogger and have an idea of how wordpress plugins work. So I don’t feel it was time wasted.

I think I’m going to concentrate on content. I’ve got an About page but I’d like to do more. I added a Jack Handy Deep Thought for the day on the bottom of the sidebar. I’m working on other stuff as well.

As far as posts go, I’m waiting for inspiration to finish my ode to SANDWICHES. Because, come on, SANDWICHES are the best food group evar. And I’m pretty sure you are required to capitalize the entire word or risk being molested by the SANDWICH police.

Yes, they’re real.

Blogger authentication for WordPress

bloggerlogoSince I started out over at Blogger, I’ve got a few readers from over there (hopefully they’ll follow over to the new site). That system was nice because of the built in community. Once you were logged in, you could browse other people’s blogs and leave a comment. Then that person could follow a link back to your profile and check out your blog. I’ve done this exact thing tons of times when someone stumbled upon my blog and was gracious enough to leave a comment. I’ll miss that aspect about Blogger.

To make it a little easier for Bloggers, I’m thinking about writing a plugin so that one could use their Blogger username and password to login and leave comments. Then once you’re logged in, it would already have your email address and URL. Then with cookies, you wouldn’t have to re-login or type your info in everytime you wanted to leave a comment.

Would any of my former Blogger buddies be interested in that functionality? I’ve gotten the XML/RPC authentication code working, which I borrowed heavily from some code from geeklog. I still have to actually work it into WordPress via the plugin hooks.

I still might do it if nobody cares, just for fun.

10 year high school reunion

Back to the gym today. Had a killer upperbody workout. You know it was a good workout when it’s difficult to wash yourself in the shower afterwards.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working it hard to lose some weight. I went for all of four and half days before I gave out. I was attempting to do a restrictive, very-low-carb diet so I could get results quicker. It was a bad idea as I wasn’t ready for that level of commitment. So the next few weeks was back to being lazy and eating bad. *sigh*

I am king of the yo-yoers it would seem. I really really really want to get back to where I was this summer, mentally I mean. Getting up early to work out and eating right wasn’t a big deal. I just did it.

See, I think the difference is that I had a beach trip with some high school/college buddies. That pushed me to stick to it. After the trip, I couldn’t get motivated for more than a week at a time (if that). Just wanting to look good isn’t enough. The frustration of not being able to wear the clothes I bought over the summer isn’t enough. Wanting to prove to myself that I do, in fact, have abs isn’t enough. It seems that a looming dealine that could cause me personal embarrassment is what I need to succeed.

Now some people aren’t all that self conscious about their flabbage. I know you’ve seen the girls who have NO business wearing a short shirt that shows their belly if they even look up. Or the guys that really need to just go ahead and buy a new pair of pants THAT FIT instead of pretending that they can still wear those size 34 jeans that they’ve stretched out to about a 36.7. Well, I’m self conscious about it. I own pants ranging from size 32 to 38. Last summer I was a 32/34, now I’m a 36/38.

I can lost weight pretty fast, but I can also put it on at an alarming rate. I really just want to find a lifestyle that doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet or a plan.

Anyway, I could ramble on and on about the different plans and diets and weight lost and re-gained over the years. I won’t. Suffice it to say I’m really determined to get in those gray Kenneth Cole pants that I love but can’t wear right now.


captain_art.gifYou may have noticed that the masthead has changed from my cheesealicious one to the new sweet one that is there now. Thanks to my buddy Dave and his leet photoshop skills. He did a few for me to use so I’ll be rotating them in and out. You might see him around with one knee up, ’cause his payment will put a little captain in him if ya know what I’m sayin’.

No, not like that. Perv.