Turns out

That the Blogger authentication wouldn’t be terribly useful unless I had people from Blogger who were contributers and this was more of a community based site. But it ain’t. It’s my personal site. So I wrote a bit of code, know how to do php XML-RPC to Blogger and have an idea of how wordpress plugins work. So I don’t feel it was time wasted.

I think I’m going to concentrate on content. I’ve got an About page but I’d like to do more. I added a Jack Handy Deep Thought for the day on the bottom of the sidebar. I’m working on other stuff as well.

As far as posts go, I’m waiting for inspiration to finish my ode to SANDWICHES. Because, come on, SANDWICHES are the best food group evar. And I’m pretty sure you are required to capitalize the entire word or risk being molested by the SANDWICH police.

Yes, they’re real.