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DBS Update

For those wondering what the Dirty Bum Sex video was all about. I’ve included some back story. If you want the full story with facial expression re-enactment and hand gestures, ask me in person. Otherwise, I could make a video I guess.

Read about it here.

The Madwoman of Chaillot

I had auditions Monday and Tuesday evening for the fall semester show here at Mississippi State University. It went fairly well, at times I felt good about it and other times not. I was cast as the President. One of the greedy corporation types who is responsible for the sorry state of affairs in the world today. Sounds about right. I think it’ll be a fun role to play.

You may remember my What Now? lament. I guess that question has been answered.

I still have two video projects on the table but I’m finding it hard to squeeze them in. It’s not looking good for this week. I have my first call tonight for Madwoman and then short form improv rehearsal at 9pm. Tomorrow night is our first football game so I won’t have any theatre stuff to do. I thought it would be an excellent evening for a date night with M. I’m leaving town Friday morning and won’t be back until Monday sometime. I’m playing in the Southern National Championship. My first disc golf tournament since early this year. I’ll probably suck but I hope to have a good time.

Go Go Gadget Internet

Hay everybody, well this probably only goes out to fellow Mississippians, and not that I don’t love everybody ’cause I do, especially you, yeah you know who you are. Here’s a question.

What towns in Mississippi have town squares? I have a partial list. The ones with question marks, I’m not sure about so if you could confirm or deny, that’d be awesome. Please leave your knowledge in the comments.

I’ll be back this week with more video goodness (I hope).

  • Oxford
  • Hernando
  • Canton
  • Houston
  • Crystal Springs
  • Pontotoc
  • Philadelphia
  • Calhoun City?
  • Water Valley?
  • Holly Springs?

Not my usual fare but…

From security expert Bruce Schneier:

The point of terrorism is to cause terror, sometimes to further a political goal and sometimes out of sheer hatred. The people terrorists kill are not the targets; they are collateral damage. And blowing up planes, trains, markets or buses is not the goal; those are just tactics. The real targets of terrorism are the rest of us: the billions of us who are not killed but are terrorized because of the killing. The real point of terrorism is not the act itself, but our reaction to the act.

It’s time we calm down and fight terror with antiterror. This does not mean that we simply roll over and accept terrorism. There are things our government can and should do to fight terrorism, most of them involving intelligence and investigation — and not focusing on specific plots.

It’s a good essay on the current state of terror. Surely people can see that this makes sense. Why can’t the people “leading” us, and I use that term loosely, seem to grasp this? It’s called terrorism for reason. Blowing up or just threatening to blow up a few planes or buses is not the ends, it’s only the means. Stop making us pour our water out. Stop making us not bring hair gel. Stop with the kneekjerk reactions and use your heads for once.

Derek, you just don’t even know

11:29:58 PM outtatime14: I’ve been patient, I think I deserve my own fan club group on Facebook
11:30:15 PM mrkaryhead: hahahaa you too?
11:31:14 PM outtatime14: i don’t see why not
11:31:26 PM mrkaryhead: fo’ reals
11:31:47 PM mrkaryhead: there are too many undeserving people who have them
11:31:59 PM outtatime14: that’s what i’m screaming

11:39:21 PM outtatime14: you’re welcome
11:40:25 PM mrkaryhead: you didn’t
11:40:32 PM outtatime14: lol
11:40:38 PM outtatime14: you deserve it
11:40:59 PM mrkaryhead: you did
11:41:20 PM mrkaryhead: i was gonna suggest we start one for each other but i didn’t know if that was gay or not
11:41:31 PM outtatime14: lol
11:42:01 PM mrkaryhead: ok ok ok i’ll see that and raise you one
11:42:11 PM outtatime14: oh dear god no
11:42:40 PM mrkaryhead: give me time though
11:42:45 PM outtatime14: haha
11:42:54 PM outtatime14: u can see the fear on my face
11:43:06 PM mrkaryhead: heh
11:49:20 PM mrkaryhead: ok, i’ve got an idea. you may have to help and it’ll take a bit of time
11:49:40 PM outtatime14: that’s what i love about you
11:49:43 PM outtatime14: always thinking
11:49:50 PM outtatime14: even if it does scare people
11:49:52 PM outtatime14: lol
11:50:37 PM mrkaryhead: i have been known to do that. some just don’t care for the toilet humor
11:50:47 PM outtatime14: lol
11:50:55 PM outtatime14: or humor involving you on the toilet
11:51:05 PM mrkaryhead: yes
11:51:23 PM outtatime14: i’m picking up what you’re putting down
11:52:07 PM mrkaryhead: ok, my Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Salad fake commercial project is on hold. new project is boiling, if ya get me
11:52:45 PM mrkaryhead: i’m gonna write it out and you may have to play a part in it
11:53:16 PM mrkaryhead: it’s a total lift from a Tenacious D episode but I’m OK with that
11:53:22 PM outtatime14: lol
11:57:25 PM mrkaryhead: ok, i gotta get up early, but just you wait buster!!!11

Dirty Bum Sex

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I thought maybe I ought to include a bit of the back story here.

M interned in Birmingham over the summer. One weekend my buddy Gabe and I went to go hang out at the her apartment and catch Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Alabama Theatre. Our friend James was meeting us there as well. So Sunday afternoon we’re just chillin’ in the apartment, which is right next to another apartment building. And there’s an alley that runs between the two buildings.

These two young folk, which we’ll call “bums” for the purposes of the story, had been hanging out in the alley since the night before arguing with each other and probably all drugged up. They can plainly be seen and heard from the kitchen window of the apartment. By Sunday afternoon, apparently, they decided to make up.

At first it was just cuddling and stroking each others’ face and greasy hair. Then it turned to making out. Ew. We kept going, looking through the blinds and then turning away, grossed out. BUT WE COULDN’T STOP LOOKING.

Eventually she rolls over onto her back and his hand goes wandering “downstairs.” After a few minutes of this and other gross details involving finger sniffing, he mounts her. Missionary style. In the alley. On the concrete.

It lasted all of 40 seconds. And when it looked like he might be going back down head first, we decided it was time to go to the movie.

Later in the evening when Gabe and I were leaving to go back to Starkville, and the bums sleeping off their post-coital euphoria in the alley, M walks down the sidewalk that runs perpendicular to alley. She reported back that the bums could be seen clearly from the sidewalk by the street. Fabulous.

So, of course, I took pictures during the dirty bum making out and the dirty bum sex. They, along with a chronological picture album of the trip can be seen here.

These events inspired the rap and video Dirty Bum Sex that is above. Enjoy.

Hey Guess What?

I’m working on a new video for you, but this one is more than just me on my couch. It’s a rap video about an experience myself and some friends had last weekend in Birmingham. I hope to get it done this week sometime.

It’s entitled Dirty Bum Sex.

Stay Tuned!