5 thoughts on “Starkville House of El

  1. Seriously…you do need some friends. How much longer is Mandy gone?
    I do watch Smallville (supernatural themes with running storylines are my tv weakness)…but I don’t think I could listen to a podcast about it. Is it really that good?
    Marysue should wash your mouth out with soap.

  2. What? You don’t like my videos? Hell, Mandy was in the last one. And she’s back now. And I’m taking a break anyways (at least from music video type stuff).

    If you care about news, rumors and spoilers, I’d recommend it.

    Shhhhh, cause she probably will.

  3. I do watch “Smallville,” and I like it. My favorite part of this video, though, was the “shut up” to the cat. I had to back that up and watch it a couple times. Ha!

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