Alltel Motorola KRZR K1m and iSync

Please forgive this techie post, but hopefully it’ll help somebody

Update (2007-03-15): This hack broke when Apple released 10.4.9. I have reapplied the hack to the new plist file, Download it here.

I’m trying out the Motorola KRZR. It’s a slimmed down version of the RAZR. I really liked the RAZR when it came out but the width of it was a bit off putting for me, other than that it had a lot of the features that I was looking for in a phone. I never did get one though.

This year I jumped from Cingular to Alltel since I get some Alltel coverage at my house and zero Cingular coverage there. I went with a Motorola e815 over the RAZR and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

That is until my boss got a KRZR last week. I have endeavored to figure out a way to get one of these sweet phones into my life since then and today, I did.

I use Address Book on my Mac to maintain my contact information, then I use iSync to get the address book onto my phone via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, the KRZR isn’t officially supported by iSync yet but with some research, I got it working. Most of the instructions deal with Verizon KRZRs which will not work for the Alltel version of the phone.

If you have a KRZR with Alltel and want it to work with iSync, download this (Update: Set calendar support to ‘true’ and updated plist file for 10.4.9). Unpack it. It should create a directory called AlltelKRZR-iSync with two files in it: an updated plist file and a KRZR icon that I made.

Then go to the Finder and right (or control) click on iSync and hit “Show Package Contents.” Drill down to
Contents -> PlugIns -> ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice -> Contents -> PlugIns -> PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin -> Contents -> Resources

Make a back up copy of the original MetaClasses.plist file. Now, copy the two files you unzipped to this directory. Make sure you have already paired your phone with your Mac via the Bluetooth utility. Fire up iSync and “Add Device.”

It worked for me, hopefully it’ll work for you.

Disclaimer: Hopefully nothing bad will happen to you, your family, your phone or your computer if you download these files and use them in the manner described. But if something does, it ain’t my fault. Use at your own risk. I’m using Mac OS X 10.4.8 and iSync 2.3 (500.86).

92 thoughts on “Alltel Motorola KRZR K1m and iSync

  1. if you would like calander to sync also…edit new metaClasses. Plist and look for calander and change to true.

  2. Thanks. Got it to work eventually, had to change the plist to…



    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004″+K1
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2000″+K1
    Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola CDMA K1 phone
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2006″+KRZRK1
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2005″+KRZRK1
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004″+KRZRK1
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2000″+KRZRK1





    KRZR K1





    This now works on a phone supplied by the Irish O2 mobile network. Seems to sync ok and I tested adding and deleting contacts on the phone. Seems to take a long time to sync so I guess it’s not perfect but at least it works.


  3. Thanks very much for this. I got it to work with the KRZR K1 with Rogers with a little obvious editing.

  4. Nice to have syncro with the KRZR via USB … I tried copying+pasting bluetooth support from the other phones in the .xml file, but it seems to crash isync.

    Anyone else with success?

  5. After I updated to Mac OS X 10.4.9, iSync support for my Alltel Krzr K1m broke. I removed the device from iSync, re-applied the hack for the 10.4.9 Metaclasses.plist file, added the device and it’s working again.

    So, download the linked file in the post (the linked one is the new one), remove your phone from iSync, follow the instructions in the post to put the plist file into place, then restart iSync and re-add your phone. Good luck.

  6. Thank you for the plist. It also works with US Cellular KRZAR k1m! I can sync addresses and contacts!.

  7. Bought a KRZR yesterday for my wife. This .plist file gets USB iSync working as well. Thanks!

  8. I think the verizon and alltell ones have similar problems.. since updating to 10.4.10, any time i sync it pushes back my events by an hour (maybe more), rendering the sync abilities useless. anyone else having this problem?


    I’m looking at buying the Motorola K3 but would need to be able to sync my entourage calender with it. Has anyone managed to come up with a solution to the problem?


  10. I got everything to sync, almost. First, for some reason, it doesn’t recognize my KRZR K1 from the above script. iSync thinks it is a com.motorola.razorK1m.

    The one thing that is not syncing properly is the calendar. In iCal I have 4 calendars, even though I have iSync set to “All Calendars” it seems to be only syncing two of the calendars. And, if there is more than one event on a day only one of the events is copied. Any idea what the problem might be?

  11. I have a krzr k1m supplied by boost mobile. I tried using the file you supplied, and tried editing it the way that donnie mentioned in the response post and I changed …k1mverizon (and the other k1m’s) to …k1 first, then I just changed the verizon one to …k1m, and then i even tried to change it to k1mBoost. None worked though. I even read on another forum about adding another string for the year so I tried adding:

    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2008″+KRZRK1m
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2007″+KRZRK1m

    Is there something else I need to do. I am pretty sure I followed the instructions all the way but I still get the message that “this device is not supported by isync”. Please help!!! I specifically bought this phone because isync’s website said that this phone was supported and I can’t return it. Thanks in advance.

  12. hi all
    i want to load a fm player in my motorala k1
    how can i up date soft ware of my motorala k1
    plz help me friends

  13. THANK YOU!!!!! this worked GREAT for my alltel KRZR. I really did not want to pay extra for a smartphone plan and have to use windows/parallels on a new model phone! I really appreciate your posting this!

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  27. I got it working. Most of the instructions deal with Verizon KRZRs which will not work for the Alltel version of the phone.

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