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Hurricane Katrina and My Family

This is my first serious vlog.

I recently talked to my family about their experience with Hurricane Katrina that hit over a year ago. I’ve included some footage my dad shot during and after the storm. I tried to keep it short but it’s still quite a bit longer than my usual videos. There was much that I didn’t include such as my brother trying to get home to see if his family was alright but he was unable to make it for over a day.

I don’t think it turned out that great but maybe I’ll get better at the non-comedy stuff. Rest assured, the funny will return soon.

Southeastern Comedy Arts Festival

secaf-orange-300.jpgThis weekend! September 29th and 30th! The first ever Southeastern Comedy Arts Festival will be held in McComas Hall on the campus of Mississippi State University. The hosts are Lab Rats Comedy of Starkville. We’ve been busting our butts to pull this off and we want YOU there to laugh YOUR butt off. It’s going to be two days of comedy goodness featuring comedy troupes from all over the southeast.

Attending will be:

  • Atlanta’s JaCKPie
  • Columbus’ Mission Improvable
  • Hattiesburg’s Stage Monkeys
  • Jackson’s Off Kilter
  • Memphis’ Wiseguys
  • Oxford’s LaffCo
  • Starkville’s Lab Rats

Friday night at 7:30pm will feature the Southeastern Idol show. There will be improv, sketch and standup in an American Idol/America’s Got Talent format. Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm will be the Egg Bowl of Comedy with Starkville’s Lab Rats facing off against Oxford’s LaffCo in improv. Saturday evening at 7:30pm will be the Improv Cage Match, a tournament style competition between the Lab Rats, Off Kilter, the Stage Monkeys and the Wiseguys.

Tickets are $5 per show or $12 for the entire weekend.

Cranked (Crunk?)

image2_1157006626.jpgI saw Crank last night. Here’s the breakdown.

The Transporter is a hitman named Chelios. This other dude with an over-the-top latino accent (joo know what I’m saying, holmes?) injects him with some hard core Chinese poison (Beijing Cocktail, I think). The only way Chelios can stay alive is to keep the adrenaline pumping. They actually try to explain how it works with inhibitors and crap but WE DON’T CARE! JUST SHOW US THE CRAZY.

As far as THE CRAZY goes, Crank does not disappoint. I went into it expecting action packed viewing and hopefully gratuitous sex. The violence was ridiculous. I mean really. This guy doesn’t let any feeble, elderly person walking with a IV drip stand in his way. KNOCK THAT OLD PERSON DOWN! NEEED DRUGS! CHOP OFF THAT OTHER GUY’S HAND THEN KILL HIM WITH SEVERED HAND STILL HOLDING GUN!

So with all the crazy ridiculous action, I was hoping for crazy ridiculous sex scenes. There wasn’t a lot of T and A but I wasn’t really disappointed either. It might have been the highlight of the movie when dude bends Amy Smart over a newspaper stand in China Town, furiously takes her from behind while holding his arms aloft yelling “I’m alive!!” Then the huge crowd of onlookers burst into applause. It doesn’t really get any more classic than that now does it?

Don’t go see this movie if you want a riveting, well told story with characters that tug at your heart strings. Go see it for the outrageous action, violence and doggie style sex in public places. If that’s your kind of thing.

Oh yeah, and don’t miss Pedro as a crossdressing homosexual. Though I have no idea of his character’s connection to Chelios. He was just sort of randomly thrown in.

I’m a disrespectful punk

disrespectful.jpgI’ve posted before about funeral procession etiquette. Well, I made a huge etiquette blunder recently.

I was traveling from Columbus to Starkville on Hwy 82. The two cities are about 20 miles apart. As I was driving through Columbus I came up on a long line of cars that appeared to be a funeral procession. Now this is a four lane highway and the procession was in the righthand lane but people in the lefthand lane didn’t want to pass the procession so they were hanging back. Needless to say there was a huge pile of cars and it became hard to tell where the procession ended.

After a few miles it began to thin out as people exited the highway or just moved on. I began to think that maybe the procession had exited the highway. I hopped into the left lane and accelerated. After a bit I caught up with some cars in the righthand lane and I began to wonder if it was the funeral procession. Maybe they didn’t take an earlier exit. Sure enough I noticed the headlights of the cars were on and they were doing about 45mph. The posted speed limit was 60mph and soon to be 70mph as we got out of town.

Then I saw the police car about a half mile ahead of me with his lights on. At this point I had about three options. One, I could slow down and look for a exit and just wait at McDonald’s for a while until I had given them sufficient time to get where they were going. Two, I could slow down and just hang back or merge in with the procession. Three, I could shrug and go on because who knows how long they were going to be on the highway.

I’m sorry to say that in the confusion of the moment and having another person riding my bumper, I chose option three. I sped up to about 55 or 60 and just passed ’em. I passed about 20 cars, two limos, the YELLOW hearse and the cop. I felt bad about it but I just didn’t know what to do at the time.

And believe me, they saw and heard me go by them due to my Flowmaster exhaust (it’s a bit loud). They were probably cussing me or just shaking their heads in disbelief at the disrepect of the white dude in the loud jeep.

The next day at work I asked my co-workers what was the proper thing to do and they unanimously agreed that I should have just pulled over and waited. They all agreed I was a disrespectful punk. Well, you live and learn, right?

It’s that time again

11a.jpgLast year I said…

As you well know, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. That’s all well and good but what about Talk Like A Ninja Day? Oh wait, Ninja don’t talk do they? I think that would ruin the whole silent assassin bit.

Alright, what do ninja do then that we can dedicate a whole day to it? Stalk Like A Ninja Day. I don’t know. Carry Deadly Concealed Weapons To Work Like A Ninja Day. That would go over really well or get you very fired depending on your work environment. Scratch that. Ok, let’s regroup and think.

Ah ha! Wear Camel-Toed Shoes Like A Ninja Day. Crap, I thought I had something there for a second.

I guess I don’t have a good idea. We’ll worry about this later but for now everybody enjoy annoying the piss out of your friends and co-workers with statements like Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly? or Arrr, I’m goin ta send this copier to Davey Jones’ locker if I be seein’ PC Load Letter one more time!

Time to ship off to lunch, mates.

Brody Ruckus Facebook Threesome

This post has nothing to do with the company Ruckus Marketing.

I’ve posted and been updating about this facebook threesome business. The latest comment on that post got me looking.

1. The facegroup group has been removed or hidden or something.
2. Evidence is starting to show it was/is a email harvesting ploy by Ruckus Music, some music downloading service. Apparently this “help me get a threesome” tactic has been used before (2nd post down). There are groups popping up on facebook saying it’s a scam. And there was this conversation and discussion over at wikipedia. (Appears to have been deleted)

I haven’t seen this scam before and I’ve been around the internets a few times. It’s pretty genius, especially to pull this with the college crowd. Pro-Brody t-shirts have been created, countless copycat and anti-brody-threesome groups have been started. It’s been a little crazy. And, apparently, it’s all been a ploy to harvest email addresses or something else maybe. I guarantee when it all blows up and over, lots of people will have heard about Ruckus Music. Their name may be mud but no publicity is bad publicity, right?

It’s like lonelygirl15 all over again.

No threesome? Ah well, at least I can enjoy the Dirty Bum Sex.

UPDATE 9/14: I’m linked on the official Brody Ruckus voting site as a conspiracy theorist. I’m ok with that. Hi! *waves* Is it all real or a ploy? I don’t know, there’s a lot of info out there to support either argument. I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide.

UPDATE 10/18: Thanks Janine from the comments for this Washington Post link. They have an inside source that says we “got meat-puppeted by Ruckus Network Inc.”