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Not much, you?

Busy, sick, busy, balance.

I don’t write about personal stuff on my blog. I’m just not comfortable with putting it all out there for people to read and know my business. I’ll write about my struggles with trying to stay in shape (I’m currently in the fall/winter fattening up stage so that I’ll have something to do in the spring, ha). But I generally don’t write about my personal life. I mean, I started this thing to be a creative outlet and hopefully entertain some folks.

Some people will write cryptic or ambiguous things so that you know something is going on but you don’t know what. Then that leads people to start asking around and maybe rumors get started. So I just avoid it altogether.

Vulnerability. It’s scary. I don’t let down my guard very often. Few people get to see me in that state. I value those people very much and I don’t know what I’d do without them. I may sometimes live my life with my heart on my sleeve but you’d never know it was there.

Anyway, nothing’s changing here, I just needed a topic to post on since it’s been a while. It’s good to see all of you again, dear readers. And when I get to feeling better, I’ll do something funny.

P.S. The Lab Rats intro finally made The Show! Ze gave us an assignment as well.

Ze Frank emailed me


My awesome and beautiful wife emailed Ze Frank and asked him to wish me a happy birthday. He did.

happy birthday!

now you have to wet yourself.

your wife said you would.

send a picture of the wetting.



So I sent the above picture to him. And of course I couldn’t resist making a video. It’s slightly disturbing.

My Homage to Ze

I wrote about Ze recently. Here’s my attempt at what he does FIVE DAYS A WEEK. I started at 8:00pm with about 25% of the material written or created. I just uploaded it to youtube so you do that math.

I loved Ze to begin with, but the fact that he can crank these out in a few hours every day is amazing.

I’m very proud of my song. It’s the first one I’ve ever written and created.

Dear Internet,

lysol-country-scent.gifWhy didn’t you tell me about Ze Frank? I love him. Nooo, not like that. That’s reserved for James. More like a his-site-is-my-new-favorite-thing-and-i-wish-i-had-one-like-it love.

Ok, to be completely honest, I saw this a long time ago but didn’t check out the rest of his site and he probably didn’t have his show going yet.

His daily vlog is now the new highlight of my day. One might describe it as The Daily Show for people with ADD. But, it’s so much more. And less. About 27 minutes less.

Go and watch a few days worth. Watch the ones listed under “popular” on the left. Watch the month of June. If you don’t think it’s the best 3 minute daily vlog that combines furious, cocaine-addict-like editing with news and original songs and funny faces on the internet, well, I’ll poop in your toilet next time I’m over and I won’t spray ANY air freshener when I’m done.