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Brody Ruckus Facebook Threesome

This post has nothing to do with the company Ruckus Marketing.

I’ve posted and been updating about this facebook threesome business. The latest comment on that post got me looking.

1. The facegroup group has been removed or hidden or something.
2. Evidence is starting to show it was/is a email harvesting ploy by Ruckus Music, some music downloading service. Apparently this “help me get a threesome” tactic has been used before (2nd post down). There are groups popping up on facebook saying it’s a scam. And there was this conversation and discussion over at wikipedia. (Appears to have been deleted)

I haven’t seen this scam before and I’ve been around the internets a few times. It’s pretty genius, especially to pull this with the college crowd. Pro-Brody t-shirts have been created, countless copycat and anti-brody-threesome groups have been started. It’s been a little crazy. And, apparently, it’s all been a ploy to harvest email addresses or something else maybe. I guarantee when it all blows up and over, lots of people will have heard about Ruckus Music. Their name may be mud but no publicity is bad publicity, right?

It’s like lonelygirl15 all over again.

No threesome? Ah well, at least I can enjoy the Dirty Bum Sex.

UPDATE 9/14: I’m linked on the official Brody Ruckus voting site as a conspiracy theorist. I’m ok with that. Hi! *waves* Is it all real or a ploy? I don’t know, there’s a lot of info out there to support either argument. I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide.

UPDATE 10/18: Thanks Janine from the comments for this Washington Post link. They have an inside source that says we “got meat-puppeted by Ruckus Network Inc.”

Facebook, helping people get laid

So thanks to the new Feed feature, I saw that two of my friends joined a group called “If this group reaches 100,000 my girlfriend will have a threesome.” Wow. Brilliant. The description is:

So here’s the deal:

If I can make a facebook group with over 100,000 people in it before the end of the semester (Dec 31, 2006), I can have a threesome with my gf and a girl of my choosing.

The back story:

Like any red-blooded college guy, I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea of a threesome is perhaps one of the greatest things imaginable (right behind midget tossing).

Naturally, I have bugged my girlfriend, Holly, to partake in this dream of mine on multiple occassions… sadly, she has declined every single time.

The other day (September 4th, 2006 to be exact), she and I were talking about Facebook for some reason or another and she mentioned how she’s a member of some group called the “Largest group on Facebook” and she mentioned how hard it must’ve been to get a group that size together.

I promptly slapped her (jk darling)… and told her that anyone, given the proper idea, could make a facebook group of larger than normal size.

And just like that, the bet was formed. So INVITE everyone you know and help me on my quest for sexual salvation.

PLEASE HELP. My manhood thanks you in advance.

So I promptly joined. When I did some time this morning, it was over 76,000. I just checked again and it’s over 96,000. I refreshed like three minutes later and it had gone up several hundred more. It will break 100,000 by the end of the day, no doubt.

Someone created a YTMND for it as well.

This just shows you the power of social networks. I’m so impressed.

UPDATE 15:00: There are t-shirts.
UPDATE 15:05: It’s done. Over 100k and still going. I wonder if she’ll follow through with it. It was going at several hundred a minute at the end. I think everyone was refreshing constantly and facebook almost died.
UPDATE 9/10: If the group gets to 300,000 members, his gf will allow pics of the event. If it becomes the largest group on facebook, she’ll allow video.
UPDATE 9/12: The group is almost 400k now so pics will happen. You can vote on the third party for the threesome.
UPDATE 9/13: So the facebook group is gone. There is talk (don’t know if that link will work for people or not) of the whole thing being a scam by some record company that was just trying harvest email addresses or something along those lines. I will continue to investigate. Either way, genius.