Brody Ruckus Facebook Threesome

This post has nothing to do with the company Ruckus Marketing.

I’ve posted and been updating about this facebook threesome business. The latest comment on that post got me looking.

1. The facegroup group has been removed or hidden or something.
2. Evidence is starting to show it was/is a email harvesting ploy by Ruckus Music, some music downloading service. Apparently this “help me get a threesome” tactic has been used before (2nd post down). There are groups popping up on facebook saying it’s a scam. And there was this conversation and discussion over at wikipedia. (Appears to have been deleted)

I haven’t seen this scam before and I’ve been around the internets a few times. It’s pretty genius, especially to pull this with the college crowd. Pro-Brody t-shirts have been created, countless copycat and anti-brody-threesome groups have been started. It’s been a little crazy. And, apparently, it’s all been a ploy to harvest email addresses or something else maybe. I guarantee when it all blows up and over, lots of people will have heard about Ruckus Music. Their name may be mud but no publicity is bad publicity, right?

It’s like lonelygirl15 all over again.

No threesome? Ah well, at least I can enjoy the Dirty Bum Sex.

UPDATE 9/14: I’m linked on the official Brody Ruckus voting site as a conspiracy theorist. I’m ok with that. Hi! *waves* Is it all real or a ploy? I don’t know, there’s a lot of info out there to support either argument. I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide.

UPDATE 10/18: Thanks Janine from the comments for this Washington Post link. They have an inside source that says we “got meat-puppeted by Ruckus Network Inc.”

30 thoughts on “Brody Ruckus Facebook Threesome

  1. Hey Kary.
    Create a facebook group called “My wife says if 300,000 people join this group she’ll have Dirty Bum Sex with my Kary Head.”

  2. Brody’s a real guy, come to atlanta and you’ll find that out. I agree Facebook is crap, I am hoping that people will realize this and delete their accounts like I did.

  3. Really? It’s the whole Brody threesome thing that’s finally making your heretofore awesome site catch fire? Well… no such thing as bad publicity!

  4. the only thing is…if it is a marketing scam, its not really a good one, since theres no mention of ruckus music or any music period. if he goes and changes everything and makes it about ruckus music, then he has 400,000+ people that automatically hate ruckus music, due to him tricking them.

    now if its just a scam to get people to buy his t-shirts and the like and make a profit, then hes pretty much brilliant. and if hes actually getting a threesome, and making the money off of the merchandise sales, more power to him…

  5. Guys, it’s not a marketing scam. Has it occured to anyone that in order to be on Facebook you are required to have an email address directly from the school whose network you are in, and in order to have one that is active, you must be a student, staff, or alumni at the school? Brody Ruckus has all of this or else he wouldn’t be able to make the group that he started.

    About the scam for people to buy T-shirts as Kasper suggested, listen, Brody Ruckus has half a million fans, which means that the chances that he made any T-shirt design are about 10 in 500,000 (10 as a very rough estimate as to how many T-shirt sites have Brody shirts).

    Shut up about record company marketing ploys, guys. It’s ridiculous. However, if Ruckes did indeed design any shirts being sold, more power to him. Nowhere is it not written that one cannot make money for being a genius. And that threesome Facebook group idea certainly was ingenius. He’s realizing every straight man’s dream: do two chicks at the same time without having to do hardly anything for it. And I don’t know if anyone’s seen his candidates yet, but definitely check ’em out and see how much you want to be Brody Ruckus. My vote went to Jenna, she’s hot, blonde, and has a fuller figure than the other hot blonde.

    Vote at

  6. Face it guys. “D”‘s logic is bulletproof. If you are a student at a university in the United States (like I am at Mississippi State) and you have a valid email address there (like mine), then you can’t possibly be using facebook for marketing purposes.
    Oh! By the way… if you do ever use facebook, be sure to check out my event for the SOUTHEASTERN COMEDY ARTS FESTIVAL shows on SEPTEMBER 29-30. It’s an open event so anyone can join. That means you!

  7. Also, we’re working on SOUTHEASTERN COMEDY ARTS FESTIVAL T-shirts, and they’ll probably be bought by at least 50 people… but by D’s logic, if there are 50 people buying, and 1 t-shirt maker, then the chances that we’re actually making t-shirts is 1 in 50. Ouch. I guess maybe we aren’t actually making tshirts after all. Oh well.
    *** If we DO end up being that 1 in 50, I don’t see how we’ll make any money, selling t-shirts. Maybe if we had 500,000 fans. OH! Stupid me. No, that isn’t profitable, either.

  8. I don’t KNOW that it’s a marketing ploy. I don’t KNOW that it’s a college dude just looking for a good time. I can only infer from the information I can gather. There is nothing concrete linking Brody Ruckus to Ruckus Network or Ruckus Music or whatever it’s called. Others came to that conclusion, I just commented on it here and gave it some web space.

    But. There are things that make me raise an eyebrow to it’s “just a college d00d looking for a 3some.” From what I’ve read, his facebook profile was created just before his group was created. He had no “friends” and a sparse profile. He won’t respond to facebook messages and friend requests, only to email sent to his gmail account. He originally showed up affiliated with GATech, I think. Some people poked around and couldn’t find a person named Brody Ruckus at GATech. He then changed to the “Atlanta, GA” network. Some had done a lot of research into this and it was posted on the discussion part of the wiki but it looks to have been deleted. All this I can’t really attest to, this is what I have read from others and it may not be true or even close. I don’t have a perfect memory.

    If he’s just some dude looking for a good time, why all the fancy web work? Here’s what I know.
    -He’s got an anonymously registered domain.
    -You have to put in your email address to vote.
    Why? What’s the big deal? It’s just to decide who he’s going to have the threesome with anyway, right?

    It just seems like a lot of work, time and money to make an easy decision. Maybe he’s just wanting to ride the wave of internet popularity for as long as possible. Fine. But with the anonymous domain registration, fancy web site and email harvesting, it makes me wonder. I guarantee you those email addresses will be used for something other than voting on his threesome third party.

  9. Whoever wrote those things about when Brody made his profile, well, they’re full of shit because his profile is always set to private, so even if facebook profiles showed the date of creation, nobody would see it if they weren’t his friend. Brody wanted to protect his own privacy like anyone would, which is likely why he didn’t accept friend invites. The privacy settings on his profile disabled anyone from seeing how many friends he had or who they were, so that crap’s out the window too. The only thing that I don’t know about is the thing about his networks (however, anyone can belong to many different networks at one time).

    I’m not suggesting that you think you know stuff you don’t, I’m just arguing my own counterpoint, which is that all these theories are WRONG and produce no valid points whatsoever.

  10. Whoever it was who looked into this determined a window for the creation of his account by knowing the number of his account. The first few numbers identified his as a GATech account, and the rest showed that he was the 22070th account from GATech. The 22069th account from GATech was registered only a few hours before the group was created, so he had to have registered after that.

    The marketing ploy theory makes a lot of sense. He registered through GATech, even though there is no evidence of him being there. Ruckus music is a downloading service that runs through colleges, and a college that uses their services (possibly GATech) may have helped create this marketing scheme by giving them a facebook account. The target audience of the company is identical to the facebook community. The group put the name Ruckus in hundreds of thousands of students’ heads, and gave them a personal involvement with the name.

  11. Some idiot said above: “the only thing is…if it is a marketing scam, its not really a good one, since theres no mention of ruckus music or any music period.”

    Dude, YOU just did the all the marketing for them. By going around name droppping Ruckus Music it only becomes embedded in the college student’s psyche.

    Personally, I think it’s brilliant. Ruckus Music didnt come out and say directly they were involved because then they would’ve received backlash for that.

    Instead, they remain quiet while there are 1000’s of you people out there debating and talking about it on facebook, blogs like this, dorm rooms, classes and amongst all your friends.

    It’s f’ing genius if you ask me. In fact, I’m going to go to their website right now and request that they come to MY school.

    Hell, I may even contact Ruckus’ marketing department to organize my own threesome.

  12. Well, I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t help there, sparky. Posting a comment FROM the ruckusnetwork while pretending to not be affiliated with them.

    Did you think I wouldn’t have your IP address after you posted?

    Regardless, I agree with you.

  13. The hilarious thing to me now is how all the little posers and fakes are trying to change the argument from whether this threesome business is a fraud, to whether it’s good marketing or not.

    So umm… I’m assuming by their frantic change of argument that we were right, huh?

    Amazing. Can’t wait to see how they squirm next.

  14. I have a question for kitikami. I understand your position on determining the date Brody’s account was created, but I’m not convinced that it is completely sound. Is it possible that someone deleted their account, 22069, and the next person to register was assigned this number to fill in the gap.

    I am not questioning this because I believe that Brody is real; I simply would like to explore a possible flaw in theory.

  15. humm. Well the only thing that we really should be worried about or talking aobut is if we are going to get to see these pictures/video. Even if it is Ruckus Music, they still need to show a video. That would be great marketing.

  16. I don’t think that that is the case. The numbers reflect the order in which accounts are registered. They also found that the account 2 numbers after his was registered within a couple hours after the creation of the group (the one after him hid his details like Brody did). Also, you only deactivate your account without fully deleting it, in the sense that you can still come back to your account after you deactivate it if you want.

  17. Looks like no ones gunna see pictures or video and that this all was a huge scam seeing as the Brody Ruckus website has completely disappeared.

  18. Hey, thanks for the article linkage.

    Now I’m thinking the commenter sparky055 is the “zealous young Ruckus employee” mentioned in the article. He took offense at the comment that his marketing idea was stupid so he pretended to be random joe and said how awesome it was. Funny.

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