8 thoughts on “10,000!

  1. Maybe it’s the cough medicine talking, but this might be my favorite video yet. And, come on, you know at least 1,000 of those hits…. are from…. me………… yeah…… say “pussy” one more time……. mmmmmmm……

  2. Hey, this is sorta pussy-read:cat-related. One night during *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,* some brainiac decided to bring those little champagne bottles backstage to shoot during Big Daddy’s fireworks on the gallery. There I was, in my serious, emotional, sweaty monologue, and just as I said, “Maggie the Cat,” POW! Sounded like someone’d been shot.

    Let’s just say that when I left the stage at the end of the Act, if those people didn’t already think I was a dick, they probably did then.

    😛 L

  3. I hid said fireworks from that night on. Yes, I realize as an actor you aren’t supposed to touch stuff on the prop table that doesn’t belong to you, but damn. Those will never be found.

  4. To quote a line from Prince during his days as the singer with the amalgamated male-female symbol as his name: “Girl you need pussy control…”

  5. Yeah, I know. I do thank him or them or whoever. I just acted all depressed in my video cause I’ve been putting out funny, original material for over a year and none of that brought in any traffic except for my dear friends, whom I love very much.

    So I ain’t really complaining. Trust me.

  6. Thank you, sparky055. What would Lord Ruckus have us do now?

    Run back up the mountain for us and tell us what he says.

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