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Hurricane Katrina and My Family

This is my first serious vlog.

I recently talked to my family about their experience with Hurricane Katrina that hit over a year ago. I’ve included some footage my dad shot during and after the storm. I tried to keep it short but it’s still quite a bit longer than my usual videos. There was much that I didn’t include such as my brother trying to get home to see if his family was alright but he was unable to make it for over a day.

I don’t think it turned out that great but maybe I’ll get better at the non-comedy stuff. Rest assured, the funny will return soon.

Frick on a stick

GIS for KatrinaWell we survived the totally bitchy Katrina. M. didn’t feel well so she got a room on campus and slept a lot. I evacuated to some SCT people’s house and we had an impromptu party.

We stayed there for a couple of hours sitting in the carport watching the trees sway. Eventually, since we had lost power, we decided to trek across town to some other SCT people’s house that had power.

A couple hours and one Camry-stuck-in-the-ditch later, we arrived at the new location and proceeded to put on dry clothes. We watched TV, ate and played a game called triple-E (I think). And fended off the yappy dog from our food and drink. It was a cute dog though.

Work and school was cancelled the next day and I went home to check on our single-wide paradise. It was still there. Oh well, there’ll probably be more hurricanes. Maybe next time.

My parents, in Hattiesburg, were pretty shaken up but, amazingly, didn’t have any major damage. Their neighbors lost both of their cars to a tree. Many people had a tree through their house. It took at least an hour to clear the road so that they could get out of the subdivision. No power. No water. Iffy phones. Mom says things are pretty bad.

But that’s nothing compared to the coast and New Orleans.


I really feel for those people. Let’s all say a prayer, send good thoughts and positive monkey mojo to these people. They can use all the help they can get.

New Orleans MetroBlogging

Survivor in New Orleans

Reason #438907 not to live in a trailer

Hurricanes. And other high-freakin-wind phenomena.

What did we do to piss off the sea gods? I mean they really hate us over here. Florida and the Gulf coast must’ve done something to really piss them off.

Katrina. What a bitch. Now you’re hearing Katrina being compared with Camille. I’m just glad I know what activated charcoal is. Uh huh.

When Dennis came through with much ado about nothing (here anyway), we scurried out of our trailer and got a room on campus. It was inconvenient but we thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. So now comes Katrina and I’m all Let’s just stay at home, ain’t nothing gonna happen. Ya know, typical man thinking. M. is all No way, we’re boarding the animals and getting a room. Looks like we’re getting a room for tomorrow night.

I do feel for New Orleans though. That city may never fully recover if it hits as bad as the talking heads think it will. My main worry about that is lack of new Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras videos. If the French Quarter is wiped out, where will all the drunken cavorting and debauchery of girls who are willing to flash their boobs for cheap beads going to gather for the video camera? That will be truly sad.

If you are in the path of this thing, please be careful.

I wouldn’t want to lose any of my five or six readers.