Reason #438907 not to live in a trailer

Hurricanes. And other high-freakin-wind phenomena.

What did we do to piss off the sea gods? I mean they really hate us over here. Florida and the Gulf coast must’ve done something to really piss them off.

Katrina. What a bitch. Now you’re hearing Katrina being compared with Camille. I’m just glad I know what activated charcoal is. Uh huh.

When Dennis came through with much ado about nothing (here anyway), we scurried out of our trailer and got a room on campus. It was inconvenient but we thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. So now comes Katrina and I’m all Let’s just stay at home, ain’t nothing gonna happen. Ya know, typical man thinking. M. is all No way, we’re boarding the animals and getting a room. Looks like we’re getting a room for tomorrow night.

I do feel for New Orleans though. That city may never fully recover if it hits as bad as the talking heads think it will. My main worry about that is lack of new Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras videos. If the French Quarter is wiped out, where will all the drunken cavorting and debauchery of girls who are willing to flash their boobs for cheap beads going to gather for the video camera? That will be truly sad.

If you are in the path of this thing, please be careful.

I wouldn’t want to lose any of my five or six readers.

6 thoughts on “Reason #438907 not to live in a trailer

  1. I certainly hope for the best for everyone/where on the Coast… but what if someone on a TV news team were to say:
    “And in weather today, with the meteorological equivalent of ‘No she di’in’t!,’ Katrina bitch-slaps the Gulf Coast, essentially snatching the weave off of coastal cities and townships. Back to you, Tim.”

    I mean, “Katrina.” Come on.

    Hey Kary, you and M. are most welcome to come stay with EP, Thomas, and me. We can have a big ol’ fashioned hurricane party! L

  2. The only things I have to worry about here are the damn penguins running across the street! We are getting a little extra wind due to the hurricane but the dogs pulling the sled don’t mind that much.

  3. I hope everyone at SCT got through Katrina with no problems and used the indoor time to improve themselves and their minds by reading a big heavy book or at least practicing up on that cherry stem tying move? K and M, in the future, if I am in town, your pets who are not made of cat can come to our house.


  5. Lyle: LMFAO at that first comment. I may have to copy and paste that to my blog. Still laughing..

    The Girls Gone Wild ought to make their way up to Salt Lake City, Utah. Now THAT would bring some excitement into this uber-conservative, everyone thinks the same, piss-poor excuse for a state.

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