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I’m not in New York

I’m in San Francisco. I decided that 4 weeks was enough of the east coast and now I’m trying out the west cost. Tomorrow I plan to check out the hard-to-find island from LOST because it is just way too boring around here. Though I guess I should wait until my training for my new job is done, but then I’m so outta here.

The reason I logged into this here website with my name on it is to update you on my new (but short lived) life in New York. But since I’ll soon be hanging with Hurley and Locke (or maybe not, I can’t remember how last season ended and who was where), I ain’t gonna. I’ll send a new update for the blog via carrier sea gull as soon as I can trap one on the island and convince him (or her) to carry my Very Important Message back to you all on the internet. I’ll have to google the directions to get to the internet from the island because I don’t know what they are but birds are smart, especially sea gulls because they always know just when to poop when flying over you such that you get a nice present on your head. That’s an innate grasp of physics, folks.

So I’ll get back with you soon.

Mini Update

Notre Dame Rose WindowAaaaand we’re back. Aaaaand we’re beat. We’d been up about 25 hours by the time we finally fell asleep in our own beds for the first time in over two weeks. My internal clock is having trouble adjusting to the Central time zone. I sleep for a few hours and then am wide awake in the early morning when I should be sleeping until at least noon.

I might post some excerpts from my travel journal and I’ll work on getting some pictures uploaded, though it will take a while. There’s, like, a ton of stuff to do when you’ve been away for two weeks.

In other news, the girl I wrote about in this post found me on myspace and I, probably unwisely, sent her the link, but she seems to be a good sport about it.

Also, for the first time in over a year, I’m in a new theatre show. More on that later.

DBS Update

For those wondering what the Dirty Bum Sex video was all about. I’ve included some back story. If you want the full story with facial expression re-enactment and hand gestures, ask me in person. Otherwise, I could make a video I guess.

Read about it here.