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Hay everybody, well this probably only goes out to fellow Mississippians, and not that I don’t love everybody ’cause I do, especially you, yeah you know who you are. Here’s a question.

What towns in Mississippi have town squares? I have a partial list. The ones with question marks, I’m not sure about so if you could confirm or deny, that’d be awesome. Please leave your knowledge in the comments.

I’ll be back this week with more video goodness (I hope).

  • Oxford
  • Hernando
  • Canton
  • Houston
  • Crystal Springs
  • Pontotoc
  • Philadelphia
  • Calhoun City?
  • Water Valley?
  • Holly Springs?

7 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget Internet

  1. My Couch is gone! Oh no! My Couch! Not My Couch! Are we now so far removed from the great videocast beginnings that founded our current era of comedy, that we have made 10 posts since and can no longer access that great milestone in Karyhead entertainment!?!?
    Oh! …Nevermind. Here’s the uhh… archives bar…yeah… and click and uhh… Oh here it is. Nevermind.

    Uhh… I think Raymond has a town square. Could be wrong. Does Guntown? What a hard question.

  2. Um…just Mississippi, huh? Seems like every little town I go to in Tennessee has a square.
    They all start looking alike.

    Oh…Raymond, MS definately has a town square. That’s where I had to get my tags renewed when I lived in Clinton.
    I bet most of the old county seats have one.
    If you are trying to make a rhyme or something, you could check out the list of country seats on wikipedia, then click on the ones you like to see if maybe it tells you if they have a square.

    –bored at work, peace out

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