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Derek, you just don’t even know

11:29:58 PM outtatime14: I’ve been patient, I think I deserve my own fan club group on Facebook
11:30:15 PM mrkaryhead: hahahaa you too?
11:31:14 PM outtatime14: i don’t see why not
11:31:26 PM mrkaryhead: fo’ reals
11:31:47 PM mrkaryhead: there are too many undeserving people who have them
11:31:59 PM outtatime14: that’s what i’m screaming

11:39:21 PM outtatime14: you’re welcome
11:40:25 PM mrkaryhead: you didn’t
11:40:32 PM outtatime14: lol
11:40:38 PM outtatime14: you deserve it
11:40:59 PM mrkaryhead: you did
11:41:20 PM mrkaryhead: i was gonna suggest we start one for each other but i didn’t know if that was gay or not
11:41:31 PM outtatime14: lol
11:42:01 PM mrkaryhead: ok ok ok i’ll see that and raise you one
11:42:11 PM outtatime14: oh dear god no
11:42:40 PM mrkaryhead: give me time though
11:42:45 PM outtatime14: haha
11:42:54 PM outtatime14: u can see the fear on my face
11:43:06 PM mrkaryhead: heh
11:49:20 PM mrkaryhead: ok, i’ve got an idea. you may have to help and it’ll take a bit of time
11:49:40 PM outtatime14: that’s what i love about you
11:49:43 PM outtatime14: always thinking
11:49:50 PM outtatime14: even if it does scare people
11:49:52 PM outtatime14: lol
11:50:37 PM mrkaryhead: i have been known to do that. some just don’t care for the toilet humor
11:50:47 PM outtatime14: lol
11:50:55 PM outtatime14: or humor involving you on the toilet
11:51:05 PM mrkaryhead: yes
11:51:23 PM outtatime14: i’m picking up what you’re putting down
11:52:07 PM mrkaryhead: ok, my Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Salad fake commercial project is on hold. new project is boiling, if ya get me
11:52:45 PM mrkaryhead: i’m gonna write it out and you may have to play a part in it
11:53:16 PM mrkaryhead: it’s a total lift from a Tenacious D episode but I’m OK with that
11:53:22 PM outtatime14: lol
11:57:25 PM mrkaryhead: ok, i gotta get up early, but just you wait buster!!!11