Hooray for (Starkville) Hollywood (Cinema)

Saw Batman Begins tonight. I mostly enjoyed it. We got there about 5 minutes before it started and the theater was pretty full up. We ended up sitting on the top row (stadium seating, sweet) on the end next to two elderly ladies. They watched the movie when they weren’t talking about god-knows-what and eating food items smuggled in their very large handbags.

Anyway, the movie had a pretty good feel to it. I really like the Danny Elfman music from the first Batman movie, it would’ve been nice here also. This one breaks some continuity with the other Batman movies, but I felt it was fairly minor. It should have been made first to set the bar for the others. I liked the first Batman movie and all but the others were pretty forgettable. I do recommend that you see this movie.

The comment of the night (I’ll leave out details so as not to spoil anything): after the big explosion at the end (like what movie doesn’t have that?), one of the ladies sitting next to me leans over to her friend and almost-but-not-quite whispers That was like 9/11. *pause* Uh huh.