By the way, cinnamon is soooo gangsta

I don’t know what that means. Ask Rahul. (pic “borrowed” from Mallory)

I went to Roxie’s last night to meet up with some of the Runnin’ With Scissors Posse (RWSP). RWS is the university improv/sketch comedy group. I plan to audition for the group this fall.

I’ve only been able to make it to one show in the past, but I enjoyed it and it made me laugh-out-loud several times. I think the best part was during one of the games, the old Slip N Slide came up. One of the members, a girl mind you, dove head-first, sliding on her chest on the concrete floor, doing a complete Pete Rose. It was awesome and I wanted to stand up and applaud.

As is obvious, it’s a talented, funny group of performers. And I’m excited at the chance to be part of it.

So I went up there to hang out a little while and ask questions about the group. I met Houston, Laura, Mallory, Laura and Chuck. Houston is the director, the first Laura is a self-professed groupie, Mallory is the graphic artist and photographer, the second Laura is a member, er, actor, er, player and Chuck is the filmographer.

Lots of my questions were answered and a good time was had. I got the impression that they were afraid of scaring me off due to the on-going antics and other alcohol-related-whatnot. But no, I didn’t feel my life was threatened at any time during the evening. An’ I been ’round crazier. I think I probably scared them off with that bird call video (post below this one). “Yeah, we don’t need any of that crap.”

Anyway, it seems like they have a good time and they were very welcoming to an outsider.

So thanks. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of making teh funnay with you alls.

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