Viva StarkVegas

I need your help.

I bought this belt buckle and as you can see, it is sweet. I’m thinking of hacking it to say StarkVegas instead of Las Vegas. That would be pretty swell. And then I could sell them for a million dollars. Well I wouldn’t really do that, I’d only make one and then everybody would be envious of my awesome custom belt buckle. Really, they would. They told me so.

Anyway. The thing is made out of metal. Maybe I could fill in the Las with some sort of putty or spackle and then paint it metallic silver to cover it up. Then I could use a stencil or something and paint on the Stark.

I don’t know, I’m probably way over my head on this. Anybody with a crafty mindset care to offer a suggestion?

8 thoughts on “Viva StarkVegas

  1. This may be a little over the top, but when you do something you gotta do it right.

    Weld up the word ‘LAS’ with the correct type of metal.

    Refinish the front of the buckle with the ‘brushed metal’ look so it looks like it just rolled (okay so buckles don’t roll, but go with me here) out of the factory with just the word ‘VEGAS’ on it.

    Locate the proper font on the Internet. Measure for proper font size using a typesetters ruler and print out ‘STARK’ in the proper size and font (come to think of it, it may not even fit on the buckle) on a piece of paper.

    Using an Exacto knife, cut the letters out of the paper making a crude stencil. Overlay the stencil onto the belt buckle and color in the letters using a grease marker; remove the stencil.

    Using a Dremel tool, carefully engrave the letters into the belt buckle. Polish the letters using a buffing wheel attachment and the Drememl. Finish it up by painting the letters with matching red model paint.

    Man, now that I’ve typed all that it may be less work just to commision an artist to create one from scratch for you.

  2. I spotted said buckle the other day at the theatre, and I must say that I commented to myself upon its spandy-niceness. I am a fan of the big-hunker belt buckle (I have an “L” from one of those mall kiosk doies that I wear a lot).

    Re: the “Stark”… A nice well-placed piece of duct tape is always a pleaser. 🙂

  3. Well, custom metal work to duct tape, huh? I can totally do the duct tape, but I’m not so sure of the metal work. I mean, who knows how many fingers I would loose in that process?

    Maybe the Las aint’ so bad…

  4. If you really want to hack it, maybe I can find the source code for you. I’ve heard of some great sites for open-source apparel.

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