Word for the day

is whisterpoop. It’s a good word and one that you could use in everyday conversation (if you know a lot of idiots and/or annoying people).

What’s it mean? Well, thanks to the fun game of Beyond Balderdash, I’ve learned what it means.

Do you know? No? Ok, well I’ll tell you.

whisterpoop: a swift smack to the side of the head.

How useful is that?

Son, if you don’t quit the back talk and go to your room right now, I’ll whisterpoop you into next week.


If you fart in my direction one more time, you’re asking for a whisterpooping.

See, it’s easy to slide into your normal mundane threats. Now with whisterpoop added in, people will start giving you the respect you deserve. Dang, a whisterpoop. I better straighten up and/or quit being an idiot. See?

If you think of some other good ways to use it, leave a comment (or be prepared for a whisterpoop).

5 thoughts on “Word for the day

  1. Raucous fisticuffs broke forth amid the Yale Glee Club’s fall concert when Guy McFlagle, the club’s lead first tenor Whippenpoof, whisterpooped Chance McAlister, junior second tenor for coming in flat yet again on McFlagle’s reputed favorite number, “(Ever Since We Bought That Waterbed) We’ve Been Drifting Slowly Apart.”

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