My hair is sore

Really, it is. I “picked” it out (fluffed it up) last night as part of my costume and now it hurts.

M and I went to a Halloween party last night that one of her professors threw. There were a lot of people there (dozens) and I knew 1.5 of them.

Anyway M was a bean farmer/gold prospector, at least those were the two options she came up with and she was cute. I was, wait for it, Napoleon Dynamite. I pretty much killed. I even had some random girl come up and ask for a picture with Napoleon.

Tonight is another party, Zombie Apocalypse is the theme. I think I’ll be Zombie Napoleon Dynamite. I had planned to just wear this crazy polyester suit I’d picked up years ago at the thrift store but the ND costume is just too good to not use again. I just have to figure out how to do some zombie makeup.

Peace out.

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