Finally, someone around my parent’s house has wireless internet. Unsecured wireless internet. DHCP didn’t seem to work but tcpdump came to the rescue and I manually assigned an address to my wireless interface and here I am.

My dad had dialup a while back but canceled it ’cause he has internet access at work and didn’t use it enough at home to justify the expense (I guess). My mom is, uh, scared of computers we’ll say.

I got nothing exciting to say right now ‘cept I’m full of good food and I’m doing some shopping tomorrow.

Hattiesburg was hit pretty hard by Katrina. Loooots of wind damage. In addition, loooots of people who lost their homes on the coast or in New Orleans have relocated here. Hattiesburg had been growing fast in the last several years and the infrastructure really hadn’t kept up with the growth. Well, it totally sucks now. It’s beyond suck. The traffic is ridiculous.

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