Runnin’ With Scissors no more

I forgot to mention that we had an improv show on Sunday the 30th. I hosted for the first time. I think the show went really well.

We are no longer known as Runnin’ With Scissors. We decided to change our name because of name space collision. Namely, there’s a book and a movie with the same name and also a performance group out of Chicago with the same name. Not to mention other more personal reasons among some in the group.

So we are now known as the Lab Rats. See, we started out and mainly perform in the lab theatre of McComas hall. So…now we’re spreading the comedic plague or or searching for the comedic cheese or maybe doing experimental comedy.

I didn’t get to perform in this show as an improver but it was fun hosting. I did get to play Questions, where you can only improv a scene using questions. If you repeat yourself or say a statement, you’re out and the next person steps in. We had two teams and I put out 4 or 5 of the other team. It was fun.

So we’re done for the semester. We are planning to host a comedy festival next semester. The first one in Mississippi as far as I know. We’ll be working on it over the summer and will invite comedy troupes from all over the southeast.

I’m off tonight from Smoke on the Mountain. The only break I get until the show wraps on the 6th. I think I’m going to the MSU choir concert tonight and do some quality couch sitting.

2 thoughts on “Runnin’ With Scissors no more

  1. I watched you at the choir concert last night from my seat in the balcony. I could see you, but I’ll bet you couldn’t see me.


    Your Stalker

  2. Dear Stalker,

    The concert was really great. I’m flattered. You should have come down and said hello. I always treat stalkers very well. As a matter of fact, I had a self-proclaimed stalker sitting with me at the concert that night.


    Your Stalkee

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