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I practiced my audition songs. M left for Birmingham. I had dinner with a friend. That lasted 3 hours. But that’s cool, the conversation was good.

I decided to go get some groceries since I’ve been slacking on my working out and nutrition. So I drove to Wal*Mart as I usually do, grabbed a buggy and walked to the back of the grocery section. About this time I realized that I had been wanting to check out the organic food selection at Kroger that I’d heard about. Since Wal*Mart ain’t got none and ’cause they have unethical business practices, I walked back to the front and left my empty buggy with the confused, elderly greeter. I think l.e.r would be proud.

I drove to Kroger. I was happily surprised in the produce section with the clearly labeled organic fruits and vegetables. I picked up some celery, baby spinach salad and a couple of apples. Then I saw the organic diary cooler with milk, eggs and cheeses. I didn’t need any of that at the time, so I just marveled over it and moved on.

I wish Kroger had a selection for organic meats. I couldn’t find any.

I’m willing to pay more for food that hasn’t been injected with hormones and laced with preservatives and who-knows-what-else. I just wish Starkville had a better selection.

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  1. What you need, good sir, is a Whole Foods Market. Unfortunatly, the one closest to Starkville is in Atlanta (which would make for one hell of a grocery trip, doncha think?). One is opening soon (date?) in Birmingham, so you should definitely check that out when you get an opportunity.

    I love them…my lifelong goal is to live in a city with a Whole Foods Market. Well, that’s at least one of my lifelong goals.

  2. AHA! I was correct. Look for “Laura’s Lean Beef” for your organic/natural beef and the Tyson Chicken stamped “100% Natural” for your organic/natural chicken.

  3. Hey, thanks for the tip. I’ll watch out for those products next time I’m there.

    I hope B’ham gets the Whole Foods place this summer since I’ll be spending quite a bit of time over there this summer. I remember Kelly Daniels mentioning it in her article in the Reflector a while back.

    I’m gonna go ahead and skip the obvious “Laura’s Lean Beef” jokes. 😉

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