I worked really hard

on perfecting my walk when I was younger, trying to find the right combination of nonchalant confidence in my stride or strut, if you will. I remember distinctly the day I found it. There was a band concert in the high school gym. I was wearing jeans, a retro tee and a blazer. See? I was way ahead of the fashion curve back then.

I had to cross a long stretch of floor in front of the band and suddenly, it just clicked. I had found The Walk. I took my seat and played the concert, smug in my satisfaction of knowing I had found The Perfect Walk.

Later that day, a friend and band mate said to me at lunch “Kary, you have the sexiest walk.” I nodded and said “I know.”

Unfortunately, her calling attention to my just-found-awesome-walking-style completely ruined it for me and I never found it again.

I’m not sure there is a point to this story.

3 thoughts on “I worked really hard

  1. Earlier this week, Brenda, a friend here in the Library, asked me, “Do you walk everyday?,” alluding, I assumed to my exercizing on/around campus lately. I said, “Yes, I try to. Usually I make it about 4/5 out of 7 days.” She said, “I saw you from behind yesterday and thought, ‘That guy walks like Lyle,’ and it was you!”

    Now… When I’m doing my not-fat-in-another-cast-picture walk in the afternoons, I’m hoofin’ it and bustin’ ass. This concerns me that she recognized that walk from behind and could equate it to what I assume to be my everyday I’m-going-to-pee-for-the-20th-time-today walk. Hmm.

    😛 L

  2. I wonder if I was present for the mentioned “Sexy walk”… and would I have noticed? I probably would have said “that is one cocky trumpet player”
    or better yet, “Is that a hickey on his neck?” : – )

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