Happy Fourth

Hope you had a good one. I had Monday off as well as today and M and I had a nice long weekend together. It was good. I’m heading to Bham on Friday to chill there next weekend.

What’s up with you? That’s good. I hope it works out for you. Me? Oh well, not much…except….RIDING AROUND IN MY JEEP. Yeah, I finally got one after weeks and weeks of looking and a couple hit and misses. It’s sweet, it needs a few things but I’m enjoying it.

My Rodeo is almost ready to sell and I must admit I will miss it. It was the first car I bought myself. Not to mention the V6 and smooth, quiet ride. Ah well, that’s the trade off for having a cool jeep (that is a 4 cyclinder).

I will post a pic soon.

Well I just wanted to write something boring for you and send my love out to all you internet people.

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