Guitar Hero II

After reading countless times on Wil’s blog about the awesomeness of Guitar Hero, I decided it sounded like a fun thing to do over the holidays. So I went and bought a PS2 and Guitar Hero II. I’ve been rocking out ever since. It really is a fun game. I’ll probably keep it through the holidays and then take it back. I haven’t owned a game console since the original 8 bit Nintendo so I don’t think I’ll become a gamer d00d.

Watching people play Freebird on the Expert level blows my mind. I don’t think you can truly appreciate the shredness of that until you’ve played the game.


6 thoughts on “Guitar Hero II

  1. uh, just so you know, you can’t return opened videogame consoles or games once you’ve opened them… unless you meant trade them in

  2. You can at Walmart. I once “rented” a Gamecube for 89 days of their 90 day return policy. However, you are correct about the opened games, they don’t take those back. I’m hoping that since GHII is a big box with the controller and game, the people at the customer service desk won’t catch it. If so, no biggee, I can still return the console.

  3. Yeah, we’re thinking about it. M is hooked as much as me. And I’m prolly gonna throw a GH2 party in the near future.

    Any suggestions on other kickass PS2 games?

  4. Hey,

    I also read the reviews and ravings on Wil’s webpage and I am got that for my nephews for christmas. That game rocks! Have fun!


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