4 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. KH, Listen carefully. I had the same condition for a while; it’s called LSD. It’s not what you think, LightSaber Dong is a deadly deadly problem. You’re going to have to learn to pee without holding it, and I’d recommend against sexual contact.

    On a different note, it says you’re reading Monster Nation, which Amazon keeps recommending to me. How is that?

  2. Lightsabre Dong. Nice one.

    I need to update my Now Reading list. Monster Nation is the second book in a trilogy. I really enjoyed the first one Monster Island. The second and third were pretty good as well though they get a bit more into magic and fantasy. Which may be fine with you, but just a heads up. Overall a good post-apocalypse zombie series.

  3. Hey! R U Still Disc Golfing???
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