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Hippity Hop

LazyMagnolia_ctm-239x239.jpgMet my lov..er..friend, yeah, friend, James for dinner along with Brandon. We went to Mugshots. Enjoyed a couple of Mississippi’s finest brew, Southern Pecan.

After we finished dinner, we decided to visit every bar on Main street and have one drink at each. Because we had nothing better to do. And there’s only like four or so bars.

So we headed on down to Big Daddy’s and had one drink. They have this trivia game where you get a little computer thing and watch the TV and answer questions. It keeps track of everyone’s score. We didn’t play.

Next we went to the Burgundy Room at Old Venice Pizza Company and had a drink. Ran into an SCT crew there having dinner with a friend who was in town for a visit. We hung out there for a while chatting.

Then we decided to go back to Big Daddy’s and play the trivia game. I either sucked and was last place or I did well and was like 2nd place. It was pretty fun.

Then we tried to hit the last stop for a last drink, Whiskey Blues. There was a loud band, no one in the bar and a $2 cover. We didn’t have any cash so we called it a night.

Don’t worry, I had a total of four drinks over about a five hour period. Pretty reasonable for me and I was never intoxicated. I rarely drink enough for it to effect me.

I didn’t even drink beer until after college. But that’s a story for another day.

It’s with a heavy heart

that I report you can no longer get beer at Umi’s on Sunday.

Please, please try to keep it together.

Here’s the thing, in my little college town we just recently were able to buy cold beer at the store. Since the dawn of time we could only buy our beer hot. I think this was to discourage drinking and driving or something retarded like that. All the peoples rejoiced when the decree came down from on high that we could buy cold beer.


You still can’t buy beer anywhere on Sunday. Not at the store, not at a restaurant. I guess it’s a sin to drink beer on Sunday.


One Sunday evening I went to the local Japanese place that had been re-opened under new management. When I said I wanted water, the waitress said “That’s all? You don’t want hot tea or a beer?” “Beer?” I asked. She nodded. About three drink orders at the table changed immediately.

After the waitress left, we gleefully decided that the new management didn’t know that they weren’t supposed to serve alcohol on Sunday. We thought it was our civic duty to let them know so we….nahhhh.

It became a new tradition. Every other week or so, we’d go to Umi’s for sushi and beer on Sunday evening.


Last night we were told by our server (AJ, who’s the best waiter evar and is familiar with our Sunday tradition) that we could no longer order beer. ARRRRRGGGHHHH. Some uppity anti-beer fascist must’ve told on them or something.

Please join me in mourning our collective loss of secret beer on Sunday.