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Brilliant Idea #16

Attention PleaseOh man, this is pretty sweet. Feel free to use this idea if it will benefit you if any situation that may arise. I don’t know where these ideas come from and I wish I did because I’d totally sell a map of how to get there so that I could finally buy that automatic kitty litter box thing.

How many times have you been at work or at home or wherever and you’re trying to get something done but people keep bothering you? I mean, dang people, can I get 15 uninterrupted minutes, please? Not likely. So here’s my idea: get one of those little silver call bells and require everyone to ring it before they bother you. If they don’t ring it, you ignore them.

Let me say ahead of time, it helps if the sound of the little silver bell doesn’t annoy you too much. But knowing that it annoys the heck out of other people will hopefully give you enough satisfaction to stand it.

After deploying your bell, I reckon there will be two responses from people.

One, people will like ringing it and try to use it to annoy you. The solution to this one is easy: throw the bell at them. They probably won’t bother you ever again.

Two, the sound of the little silver call bell is very annoying to most people so they won’t ring it very often. Also if they have to ring the bell to get your attention they’ll make sure they really need to talk to you before they ring in. This helps prevent off-the-cuff type interruptions.

Here are other possible uses:

Ring it every time someone says something non-stupid. I know, I know, this won’t happen often, but it’s like training a dog. They learn to associate the sound of the bell with doing something good so maybe they’ll say less stupid things over time. Hmmmm. Well, actually if they learn to associate the sound of the bell with something good, they might bother you more often with questions. That’s no good. So instead ring it when they say something stupid. We’ve already established most people don’t like the sound of the bell. Now they’ll learn to not say stupid things or least when you’re around anyway and that’s the important thing.

Ring it every time you go to the bathroom. This one’s mainly for me, I guess. I drink a lot of water, as I have mentioned. I just think it’d be funny to announce every time I’m going to the bathroom by ringing the bell.


I just read over all this and it’s pretty much crap. I really haven’t thought all this through. See, I just think it’s funny to have a “Ring bell for service” sign with a little bell at my desk. And I have the pictures to prove it. So there.

Please feel free to ring in (ba da bum) with some uses that you can think of in the comments.

Duuuude, ring the bell! (Clicken to embiggen)