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Love Soap

So some friends and I are making a pilot for Channel 101. Well, I’m playing a couple parts in it and others are doing actual work. What is Channel 101, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Basically, anyone can submit a pilot for a 5 minute TV show at anytime. It is reviewed and is either rejected or approved to be viewed and voted on by an actual audience. Only 5 shows get to be “primetime” shows on channel101. Each month the shows are voted on. If your show makes the cut and becomes a primetime show, you stay in as long as people vote to keep you in and you have to submit a new episode each month.

More info here and here.

So, we’ve filmed the majority of it but have a couple scenes left to finish this weekend. I’m playing Emilio the celebrity chef and Aaron Burr.

Here’s a trailer. You won’t get much in the way of plot, but rest assured it’ll be funny.