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I like my pancakes

karyburr.gifSo I think my web host had a database server blow up the other night. That’s why my post about Chili’s disappeared. But I don’t know, I’m still watching over my shoulder. I think I saw a green and red van with a big chili pepper on the roof following me around yesterday. I went into the Piggly Wiggly to get meemaw some Doral Lights and Arbor Mist Merlot. When I came out (I also got me some Beast and Nutella), I seen the van circling around my car. I don’t know what they was doing but I reckon the chicken blood, locks of hair from a small child and a bar of lemon soap couldn’t be a good sign.

Ok, the only reason I made this post was for Thomas’ funny animated picture. TeeHee.


So I posted last night about my dining experience at Chili’s. Let’s just say it wasn’t a glowing review. I know I posted it because a friend asked me why I took it down.

I didn’t. It disappeared. I mean, just *poof*. Does Chili’s have some sort of super power that allows them to stricken the internets of poor reviews?

I’m spooked now. What if they’re watching my house? Tapped my phones? Obviously they have the power to delete stuff from my website. What’s next? One of my pets goes missing to “make a point?”

If you don’t hear from me for a long time, you’ll know why. Chili’s got me.