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My Dog is Getting Fat

Look, I’m a messy eater. It doesn’t matter if I’m eating a carrot stick or baby back ribs, I go through several napkins throughout the course of a given meal. After a meal is over I have been baffled to find food in places that food doesn’t have any business being. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, I’ve generally got it all covered.

To be honest I didn’t realize how bad it was until I noticed my dog’s behavior during meal time. For most people when a dog begs during meals, she sits there next to you looking up with those big, pitiful, puppy eyes hoping that you’ll find it within your heart to drop the tiniest morsel on the ground that she might gratefully enjoy. But when I’m eating, the dog stands there NOT looking at me. She stands there at full alert monitoring the ground around my feet LIKE A HAWK.


Because she’s learned that when I eat, the food rains down all around her like manna from heaven. An all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of dinner time doggie delight.

On the positive side, at least I’m eating less.

My Name Is Kary And I’m An Addict

Surprised guy Fat-froDrugs? No. Alcohol? No. Tobacco? No.

I’m addicted to food. Food Food Glorious FOOD. And it’d be different if I stuffed my face every day with vegetables and tofu. But pretty much the worse the food is for me, the more I love it and want to eat it.

It wasn’t always like this you know. I blame the Body for Life program. I did that for 12+ weeks perfectly and never looked better. It has a “free day” where you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want. Its purpose is two fold: 1) to let you satisfy your cravings and 2) to be a self correcting behavior like when your dad catches you smoking at 12 and he makes you smoke the whole pack so you won’t ever touch cigarettes again. Unfortunately, the second part never worked for me. After the program, every day became free day.

Since then (2001) I have cycled gaining weight in the fall and winter, getting disgusted and then losing it in the spring and summer. Each cycle I gain more and lose a little less. I really just want to find a balance.

I make the worst possible nutrition choices. I guess I feel like “Hey, I’m gonna start being good on Monday so I’ll get the fries and burger and tenders and cheesecake and coke now” except that Monday never comes.

I don’t mind exercising and after a few weeks, the food cravings are significantly diminished. It’s just getting over that hump and being consistent. If I don’t work out, I don’t feel like eating well. If I don’t eat well, I don’t feel like working out.

So, it’s long since the time I needed to be getting my butt in gear. I’m hitting the three zero mile marker this year and when I do, I want to be in the best shape ever.

Plus, I’m seriously limited in my clothes selection right now.