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Wherefore art thou sleep?

IMG_1883.JPGFriday I drove to the inlaws for my lil sis-in-law’s high school graduation. M drove in from Birmingham and we stayed there for the night. We drove back to Starkville last night and stayed up incredibly late catching up on TiVo watching. Finally got to see the Lost finale. It was pretty good, it answered several questions but opened up a whole new can of ’em too. I told Locke he better listen to Echo, man. Don’t ever doubt a spiritual black man with an accent. WRITE THAT DOWN.

We finally rolled into bed a little before 3am. I fell asleep pretty quickly only to wake up a little while later. And I stayed awake. After what felt like an hour of laying there, I finally got out of bed and decided to go ahead and get my exercising over with, so I went for a pre-6am run.

We’re driving over to B’ham today so I can help with “getting stuff done” with the apartment. Then I’ll drive back on Monday. Maybe we’ll catch X-men 3 tonight.

Meanwhile, the search for a jeep continues. Did I ever mention that I borrowed my brother’s Wrangler (1994, green, 4″ suspension lift and 2″ body lift over 33″ tires)? No? Well I drove it around town for three weeks a while back. I had a blast. Even on some of those cold nights and early mornings with the top down and no doors. I want one, so I’m shopping and then I’m gonna sell my Isuzu Rodeo (yeah, be looking for that ad).

Thus ends another lame post.