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soad.jpgYou’ve no doubt heard of System of a Down. Now, it’s not really my kind of music, but some of it is catchy. So I bought a couple CDs.

And I have to say, I’m impressed. Their music is multi-layered, with meter changes and stylistic changes sometimes in the same song. It has so many different textures. They aren’t the best singers but musically, very creative. I hope the reason they are popular is not because of the “angry” sounding music appeals to the angsty teens but because people understand and appreciate the talent that they have as musicians.

I feel similiarly about Andrew WK. Again, not really my kind of music but I bought both of his CDs. I discovered him on SNL and couldn’t stop laughing at his arm-slinging antics. I had to buy a CD just becaue of that. Turned out that he’s a good musician.

I also discovered James Blunt on SNL. Haunting and sad and nostalgic. Good stuff when you’re in the mood.