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Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

lovingyou.jpgI found Joe Rogans’ website a while back and was truly impressed with the guy. He’s smart, funny and has interesting views on life. If you’re like me and your previous exposure to him was only Fear Factor, I encourage you to check out his website.

I find the latest goings on with him very interesting. It’s comics-in-Hollywood drama. Basically Joe called Carlos Mencia out for stealing other comics’ material. Something that apparently had been going on for some time but nobody was willing to step up and call Carlos out, until last weekend. And now Joe’s dealing with the fall out from calling BS on a “successful” comic in the spotlight.

Joe Calls Carlos Out (with video)
Joe Banned From the Comedy Store
Joe’s Agent Drops Him

Irony: Mencia claims copyright infringement so that YouTube will take down the video. There are mirrors on Joe’s blog. Article