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JNO. A+++++!!! Would do business with again!!!!!

I went and had sushi for the first time ever last night. M. and I and two people from the theater, M.J. and C. – T. would meet up with us later and the other C. couldn’t make it.

Holy crap, apparently sushi has to be grown from seeds, watered and cultivated before being served to me on a little wooden block. It took forever. But that’s a’ight, the company was good. Though we had T. waiting on us at the next stop of the Japanese Night Out so we tried to hurry things along.

I had California rolls and shrimp crunch rolls. I also traded a couple of mine for a couple of M.J.’s eel and snow crap rolls. All in all, quite tasty. Would do business with again!!!

To complete our Japanese Night Out, we went to the karaoke bar afterwards. Well not really a karaoke bar as much as a night club with a karaoke night. It was at the Holiday Inn. I had pictured in my mind a nice, not really upscale, but you know, little-leather-chairs-and-small-round-tables-with-candles lounge sort of feel.

Yeah, not so much.

It was Fat (or Big, I can’t remember) Daddy’s Night Club. Complete with air brush graphic detail on the walls and all the country, redneck skankywags you could hope for. When we got there, M.J. went up to talk to the guy running the karaoke show since she used to work with him, going to shows and singing.

Meanwhile, the sight on stage made me vomit a little in my mouth.

There was this lady, who probably was about 50 years old but looked every minute of 65. She was mostly drunk or stoned or maybe just had a penchant for eating retard sandwiches, it wasn’t really clear to me. She was “singing,” and I use the word loosely, an Elvis tune about three bars behind the music. Her bleached hair was in a pony tail on top of her head. She was wearing a dark tank top thing that was more than one size too small. On her bottom half was tight red pants. Put them together on her humpty-dumpty like frame and the shirt came up too high and the pants didn’t come up high enough. All the while she “sang”, she was swaying or swiveling or maybe she just had to poop real bad.

Haha, I haven’t said ‘poop’ on here in a while.

Anyway, it was like watching a train wreck, you didn’t want to watch but you COULD NOT LOOK AWAY. Later I did some grinding with her on the dance floor.

M.J. sang a couple of songs and did really well. The crowd really enjoyed her. Poor M. was in the lobby of the hotel doing homework for class. She is quite the dedicated student isn’t she?

It was a fun night out, poopy-pants (TWICE!) humpty-dumpty not withstanding, and I give it an A++++++!!!!! Maybe next time we’ll plan better in advance and more peeps can come.