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Speed Date and Meebo

I was contacted by meebo to take part in a speed date with some other blogger types. It was to promote a new partnership between meebo and speeddate.com. Before you call me a cad, realize it was for promotional purposes only, you all know I’m taken. Plus, nobody wanted to hook up, so…

Well, it turns out it’s being marketed as “celebrity bloggers do speed dating” and for the most part the people who did it are well known in internetdom…except me. I’m terribly flattered that meebo asked Good Commitment to take part in the fun. And it was fun. Unfortunately, I tried too hard to have “material” prepared and didn’t get the opportunity to use much of it because in a live webcam chat it’s kind of hard to get a rhythm going and do “bits.” I’m not exactly an outgoing, gregarious guy so I found it hard to connect in the three minute window that we had. Now, put me on a stage in front of an audience, and it’s a different story…I’ll make a lot more than just 2 people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

So, yeah, web celebrities…many people may not know about Good Commitment yet, but I guaran-damn-tee you we’re the best known Mississippi-based web comedy team in the world. And I have a big announcement coming soon that we will be on the local big screen and the nationwide small screen. Shhhhh more later.

Anyway, here’s the video they put together.