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News of my death has been greatly exaggerated

First, let me address my cryptic post recently about being in San Francisco. I was barely getting settled in NY when I had to take off to SF for a week of training with my new job. I had fully intended to sit down that evening in the hotel and write up a big My New Life Thus Far post but I wimped out and made up some nonsense instead. My apologies to all.

So. I’ve been in the Big Apple for just over 2 months now. We’ve gotten all settled in and there are no more boxes sitting around. It’s kinda late right now, but remind me to post some pics of our apartment after the movers delivered all the boxes filled with our junk. Holy Moley.

I think about our life and friends and family that we left in Mississippi and I miss it all so. Fortunately, we like it here too and it balances out pretty well. But, Lord, is it cold.

We packed everything up as best we could and let the movers do the rest. It was weird to sit in our empty trailer after living there for 7 years.

Empty Nest

We caught a last football game (and the Dawgs won!).

Our Last Home Game

Then we rented a car and started our 3 day trip to NY.


We stopped in at the Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge

I managed to snap a quick pic as we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line. Goodbye South.

Mason-Dixon Line

We stopped at Hersey, Pennsylvania and tried not to spend too much money on chocolate.


I drove across Manhattan and over the Manhattan Bridge. Regardless of this photo, I was completely sober.

Manhattan Bridge

The next day, all our junk was delivered.

New Place

This is right outside our door looking up towards Prospect Park.

Union St

We live 4 blocks from Prospect Park.

Prospect Park
Prospect Park

This is our neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Park Slope
Park Slope

We took a carriage ride in Central Park. The horse decided to leave without the driver, who is taking the picture.

Carriage Ride

We’ve already had the first big snow storm though I’m not sure if we got any pictures. We also had visitors from Mississippi which was fun. Now the new year is upon us and we look forward to what it will bring. Personally, I’m hoping for less siren noise.

I’m Moving to New York, You Guys

IMG_0812.JPGIf you follow me on twitter, you may know this already: I’m joining the ranks of other esteemed Mississippi ex-pats and striking out for new adventures, namely New York City.

How did this come about you ask? Well, it’s been a long time coming and I won’t go into the entire back story. The important bit to know is M is all finished up with her (third, but career-changing) degree and we will need to relocate to find work for both of us. As much as we love the south, we would like to experience other areas of this great nation before it completely falls apart. Both the east and west coasts were considered and in the end we choose bitter, cold winters over earth quakes.

So, I start my new job on October 20th and there’s so much to do between now and then. Like packing up my entire household and finding a place to live. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years and it feels good to get rid of it by pushing it off on neighbors and friends.

We’re excited and sad. We’re excited about starting this new chapter in our lives. We’re sad because we’ll be so far from our friends and family. We’ve lived in Mississippi our entire lives (all 21 years!) and I will miss fried okra a lot.

Y’all come and visit us.