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2008 in Review

Pretty much everyone is doing their 2008 recap. What happened? What did you do? What goals and milestones did you reach? You know, that kind of stuff.

I think you already know most of mine but without further ado, we here at IMKH will hit the highlights of ’08.

January: I think I got a new pair of shoes.
February: I..uh…I’ll come back to this one.
March: If I remember it right, I had heard gas was three cents cheaper across town so I headed over there only to find out it was the same price as my side of town. Oh man!
June: High dive. Dong exposure. Small children crying. That’s all I’m saying.
September: Uh…pass.

Forget it. Nothing really happened in ’08 with our country or for me personally worth mentioning. Here’s hoping 2009 takes an upswing. Maybe I’ll finally get that navy blue blazer I’ve been wanting.