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Kathy Fong is the Bomb

I must apologize to those of you who have been relentlessly clicking the refresh button and have only been met with disappointment. Well be disappointed no longer! Or maybe a bit longer.

I’m sitting in the bed with lappy in my lappy. Dang I Love Wireless. DILW. I’m listening to the gentle sounds of gun fire outside my bedroom window. It’s possible it’s only fireworks but gun fire sounds more neater-er. I’ve taken the weekend to visit mis padres and mis padres-in-laws. I did some shopping and picked some clothes and a couple of CDs. Awesome points to those who can name one of the CDs based on today’s title. I’m all pooped out but I’ve got some new posts to work on that will be along shortly. In the mean time, go here and read everything.

Also, as is plainly obvious (and redundant), I have mad ‘shop skillz.