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I noticed that two people on myspace were hotlinking images off a couple of my old posts. This means that they were having the pictures displayed on their myspace profiles at the expense of my bandwidth. This is a no-no and considered bad form. Well, since the pictures they were pulling were on my site, then I could change them if I wanted to, right?

The first guy is a theatre lover. Nothing wrong with that, I have been known to dabble in the theatre from time to time. He found a “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” poster that I had posted a while back. His myspace profile looked like this:

Bandwidth Stealer - before

I grabbed a pic from his uploaded pics and Dave made a little plug for Good Commitment. This is how his profile looks now (or until he takes down the pic):

Bandwidth Stealer - after

Another guy did the same thing but his profile was set to private, so all I could do was grab his profile pic and change the picture he was stealing:

to this prank2.jpg