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Privacy Schmivacy

cat-inur.jpgSo I stumbled upon a facebook group. The purpose of this group is for some dude to get the phone numbers of his friends ’cause his phone broke and he ain’t got they numbers no more.

Sorry, I’ll talk right now.

One of the great things about facebook is privacy. They have gone to great lengths to build in lots of privacy options. It’s one of the many reasons I prefer it over myspace. So depending on one’s privacy settings, random people can’t check out my profile and get personal information about me. Say, like my phone numnber.

Basically people that know this guy are joining the group and posting their phone numbers on the wall. In a global group. Open to anybody on facebook.

Of course, I joined and posted on the wall too.

“Im in ur group, writin down ur numb3rs.”

And I uploaded the above kitty pic to the group photos.