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I’m so excited and I can’t hide it

Back in August, when I was still in good ol’ Missip, I emailed in for the Saturday Night Live ticket lottery. My understanding is that there is a date window in which you can request tickets for the show and then they draw the tickets lottery style.

Well, I had completely forgotten about it until last week when I received an email from NBC.com. Glancing at it, I thought it might be for Conan tickets since I had emailed for those recently. But no, it was for SNL! I’ll be going to the Feb 7th dress rehearsal. I’m sooooo excited^

A few days later, I received an email that I had tickets for a Feb 17th taping of Conan too. He’s wrapping up his New York show and moving to LA to take over the Tonight Show, so I’ll get to see one of the last shows. I can’t hide it!