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Stop Racial Stereotypes

I know this sort of thing isn’t usual IMKH fodder, but something must be said.

I’m so tired of racial stereotyping and a certain one in particular. I mean can’t we just keep an open mind and not judge people based on out-dated or just-plain-completely-wrong-and-retarded hearsay and rumors? It’s got to stop.

I’m not saying I’ve never seen a white person dancing badly and gone “Oh dear, he must have ants in his pants. Oh no. Wait. Poor thing is just trying to dance” in my head. Or shook my head at the long line of cars with fancy-pants rims and rattling trunks in the drive through at KFC. Or maybe saw a group of asians and started humming “Deck The Halls” when I walked by. Yes, I have been guilty. But still, some racial stereotypes have no basis in history or fact. There’s no evidence, just rumor passing gone amuck.

I’m sorry, I’ve got to get this off my chest


Holy crap, how many times have I heard this? Especially from black people. Where did this come from? It’s. just. not. true. For most white people anyway.

Fortunately, I haven’t had this aimed at me, well, because obviously, I’m black. I mean have you seen my natural hair? Please refer to the story at the end of this post.

I bring this to your attention for my white brothers and sisters out there. And their whining about this stereotype is getting on my nerves. Look, I’ve showered with lots of white people (it’s the best way to get to know somebody) and they totally don’t smell like goats.

Everyone, please do your part in displacing this stereotype in America. Thank you.