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Dang! My tinfoil hat’s on back order

Do you ever worry that people can read your mind? I do. Most of the time it’s nothing to worry about, but sometimes man, if someone could read my mind they might punch me in the neck.

Think about it; how many times have you seen someone and thought something along the lines of “how does she keep the birds from nesting in that hair?” ” or “he looks like he fell asleep in a kitty litter box.” Yeah, you’d feel real bad if they could read your mind, I know I would.

What about private or sensitive information? When you type a password or a PIN number do you say it in your head as you type it? I thought so, me too. I’m so paranoid about it, I concentrate real hard to think a different number in my head than what I’m actually inputting. Like at the gym, when I open my locker, I will think a different number in my head than what my locker combination actually is just in case someone is eavesdropping in my noggin. I wouldn’t want anyone to steal my shower flip-flops now would I? That’s pretty awesome, I know, not everyone can do it, it takes a supreme amount of concentration and mental fortitude.

So remember the next time you see someone really goofy looking or you are at the ATM, someone might be listening.