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Instructional Video: How to whistle at a woman

I’ve decided it’s time to give something back to the community. I have plenty of useless knowledge in my noggin and I’m going to share a bit of it with you. Thus the IMKH Instructional Video is born. Note that there seem to be rules about posting videos on your blog. I stuck to them really well. Well no. No I didn’t. Sorry. *snap* Now pay attention.

I’m talking to the ladies first. You like attention from the mens, right? Sure you do. Certain types of attention are undesirable no doubt; the honking of the car horn, dirty-old-man leering, grunting, panting or Merv the Perv comments. But. The whistle is classic. When a woman is out on the street showing what the good lord gave her and a man shows his appreciation with a good whistle, the woman should be flattered, not insulted. Ladies, if the whistle offends you, well, maybe you should lighten up, it’s not like he grabbed your boob or something. I’m telling you, the whistle is classic.

Ok, men, without further ado…

This is my first video so there could be technical difficulties viewing it. If you can’t view it, either email me or leave a comment with your OS and Quicktime version. Check my profile for email addy.

Yeah, I got own3d by the wind and especially the lawn mower. *sigh* I’ve got to hire a better production crew.

So there you have it. By following my simple instructions, you’ll have women asking for your number in no time. Feel free to practice in front of the mirror until you are confident enough to take it to the womens on the street.

Peace Out.