Sweating with the Fatties

Warning: A little local thing here.

I went to Abs Class today at the Sanderson Center. Apparently, I don’t have any actual abs. I was straining and grunting and panting and sweating for the full 20 minutes; it was really quite embarrassing and painful. The studio has a big glass wall between it and the hallway so no doubt those walking by found it rather amusing. Most of the time the instructor kept us on our backs with our legs in the air so my loose gym shorts would slide all the way down to my very-upper thighs and therefore my supremely white skinny thighs were blinding everyone in the room and the outside hallway.

Maybe if I keep going to the class and keep the cardio going (50 minutes for 5 days a week) maybe, just maybe I’ll develop some actual abs and be able to see them.

I plan on going to Abs Class every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00pm during the summer. Come grunt with me.